Be yourself!

Why nobody can copy you and your business!

Fear is not a solution!

But there she is! This creepy fear that someone could copy your business. You had so many ideas, so much time and heart you put into your company…but you stil have this night mare. Someone comes along and does exactly the same thing. Someone comes along and not only does the same thing, but he / she does it 1000 times better than you, 1000 times cheaper, 1000 times more professionally.

Who hasn’t felt this fear before? In my early years as an entrepreneur (at that time with a recognized educational institute) I often had nightmares. I was caught in my fear. My inner voice pointed out what possibly go wrong…

“THEY have the same offer!”
“THOSE are cheaper!”
“THEY ….”
The list goes on and on! And yet: THEY are not YOU!

Stop comparing yourself! Be yourself!

It is not easy! I have toadmit that. It also takes a bit of practice. But then it works. And I can only confirm that my sales, my demeanor and my customer communication have changed significantly and positively The reason: you change when you lose fear.

A beautiful poem or song by Christian Morgenstern describes this very nicely: Here I would like to reproduce the text in a slightly different form:

„Sieh nicht, was andre tun

der andern sind so viel,
so kommst Du nicht ans Ziel.“

The original: Christian Morgenstern: All seals. Department 1, Volume 11, Basel 1971- 1973, pp. 21-23; Permalink:

These lines have always been helpful for me. I’m not much of a churchgoer, but godchild # 4’s parents chose this exact song for his baptism. I sat in church, thought about my business and had the feeling: “Yes, that’s exactly how it is!”

So, first rule: Do not compare yourself to “The Others“. Only compare yourself with your work and development of your earlier days.

You are unique! Be yourself!

You are unique. You only exist once! No matter how great your competition is. You are not you! Instead of looking at the others, use your skills, use your skills, your communication strategies, your very personal way of designing things:

Your product
Your customer calls
Your promotion material
Your webpage

Be yourself – 100%! You can’t be copied!

You are unique! Be yourself!

Of course, this also applies to you! Do not copy others, because you can never be the others 🙂

I wish you success in self-exploration and being you!

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