Your receipe for individual success!

Is Creatrix® working for you?

Are you desperate?

Is it the same triggers that always make you “freak out” or push you into deep sadness. You react on autopilot, without thinking. In the aftermath you realize how much “porcelain” you have smashed.

Would you like to change that? But you don’t know how? Or you have already tried so many things that didn’t work?

Do you doubt if you can ever find inner serenity? You want to break the vicious circle of dissatisfaction, sadness, doubt and anger.

You know that you are the decisive factor!

You realize that you have to take responsibility for your future and your happiness.

Only when you change does everything around you change.

You have enough!

You’ve had enough!

• Failing to achieve your goals

• Worrying about what others might think of you

• Feeling like a failure

• To let yourself be commanded by your negative inner voice

• Feeling stuck

• Constantly doubting yourself

• Thinking about what could have been, if …

• Feeling overwhelmed, tired, and weak

You want to

• Finally have the success that you want in your life

• Go through your life without self-doubt or fear of the future

• Feel good every single day!

The new YOU!

Creatrix® is a metaphorical, conscious-unconscious technique that increases your emotional intelligence with the help of innovative visualization and specific character positioning.

Your deep inner wisdom is used to move you forward – without having to reopen painful events or emotional wounds.

Within a short time, Creatrix® frees women from their inner blocks, lack of self-confidence, fears and insecurities.




Creatrix® Transformology®

Find your recipe for success!

Creatrix® Transformology® is gender specific!


The process was especially developed for women by Maz Schirmer.


The uniqueness of the female brain is taken into account as well as the processes of the female hormonal balance.


Instead of reacting in the same way to triggers over and over again, Creatrix® Transformology® dissolves old patterns and enables a completely new perspective and the power to shape your life independently and successfully!

Clear blockages quickly and sustainably!

Emotional blocks and negative beliefs limit your success.


Through an innovative visualization process, you will discover your inner wisdom and clear blockages, restrictive beliefs and chronically recurring negative emotions quickly and sustainably.


Your “software” will be reprogrammed in less than an hour. Traumatic processes do not have to be relived for Creatrix®. The process is painless, easy, and quick.

Creatrix® Transformology®: A new level of your consciousness!

Make space for something new!


Creatrix® not only removes the old limiting beliefs, but at the same time installs the supporting beliefs learned from your inner wisdom.


Nothing stands in the way of a fulfilled life – according to your ideas.


You will literally “see” the world around you with new eyes!

This is how I help you to shape your future successfully:

Create awareness for your situation!


Clear the blockages in the Creatrix® process

Feedback of Creatrix® clients:


I feel, like I could take on the whole world. Calm and confident, joyful and HAPPY!


Dear Martina,

thank you for all the learnings I had during our Creatrix® sessions. I would have never expected so much wisdom inside of me!


Even the session was in English (not my mother tongue), the results are just amazing! No more head chatter, no more “YOU SHOULD”. I am so much more relaxed. Go ask my husband and my kids:-)

Your "Erfolgskeks", certified Creatrix® Transformologist®:

I should…, I have to…, I can not …

How would it feel, if all the voices in your head were suddenly quiet?


– Dr. Martina Henn-Sax

As one of 250 certified Creatrix® Transformologist® worldwide, Dr. Martina Henn-Sax does everything she can to bring you into your individual success.

Often it is the small changes that make the big breakthrough possible!

Let’s find out what’s stopping you, what is blocking you and how to create the life you want to life!

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