ERFOLGSKEKS in March: Transforming a “backpack of the past” into “success alert“

ERFOLGSKEKS in the month of March:

Instead of a huge “backpack from the past” she is on “success alert“

H. started her “journey” with me last November. Actually, we’re already on the phone in October. In our first conversation it becomes clear: My client’s 40th birthday marks a turning point for her. A point in time when she actively decides: “Something has to change. I want to change something in my life!”

She is the mother of a nine-year-old daughter and – after a divorce and other unhappy relationships – now lives with her new partner.

H. is an entrepreneur. She runs an educational institute and is in the process of taking her business to a new level. Not only is she developing the concept of a training center that will be both an office and a residential building at the same time, she is also in the process of turning this plan into structural reality.

In short: H. Is a successful business woman and mother, has both feet on the ground and yet she constantly doubts herself. She sees her previous success and downplays it directly. Voices from the past regularly catch up with her, shattering her confidence and dynamic.

H. is ready for her change

H. is highly motivated to take responsibility for her life, her future. Without hesitation, my client does her homework. Answers my questions and rummages through her childhood and youth memories. And yet: It is not at all easy to identify the blockages that show up more in physical pain and inability to act when my client is triggered by an external event. We continue digging, switching methods. Away from journaling and assessment questionnaires towards affirmations.

Affirmations – that doesn’t create real change!

In order to make old emotions and limiting beliefs visible to H., we have to dig deeper into the client’s world of thought. To do this, we use affirmations.

These positive sentences trigger the opposite reaction in the client. Here is a set of affirmations that the client worked with.

Everything I do is good.

The answer came from the client:

“Nothing I do is good! I’m doing it all wrong. I’m too stupid to make sensible decisions. I am a scammer It only looks good. But it is not. The big bang is yet to come… Maybe good for the others – but not for me. I’m far too lazy to be good…” As we can see in example 1, this application of the affirmation technique leads to inner resistance. This resistance then, brings to the surface the true beliefs that otherwise hide in the inner critic – the voice that no one else hears but yourself.

You are welcome to do this exercise for yourself. With the client H., the beliefs were only revealed through this method!

  • I am always able to take action.
  • I am the perfect mom.
  • I can do everything with ease.
  • I am good the way I am.

We do another exercise and take on the affirmation “I am enough”.

Read the client’s feedback:

“Here are the thoughts that came to me when I heard the sentence “I am enough”:

– none of this works

– they live at my expense/only take advantage of me, and what I want doesn’t matter to them at all.

– It’s all pointless.

– Maybe I’m enough for me, but not for the others.

– I don’t think so (that I’m enough).

– Shit, I can’t do all this!

There were moments when I could take that phrase and it sort of calmed me down and brought me down, but mostly it felt rather alien; that this sentence does not belong to me.

4 weeks to find all limiting beliefs and inner blocks…

We need until the beginning of December to complete “our list”. A list that captures all inner blocks and limiting beliefs at this point in time. And that’s also a novelty for me: The list includes 121 “Issues”, i.e. beliefs or emotions. These include, for example, “I am not presentable” or “I feel like I don’t belong” or “I feel like an imposter!”.

My client is surprised herself at what was brought to the surface during these weeks of preparation. Interestingly, this hasn’t brought past events any more into focus. On the contrary, she now understands the emotional “baggage” she has been carrying around for years.

Delete limiting beliefs, install new successful software!

How long is an issue list?

How long the client and I need to compile this inventory list of limiting beliefs and inner blocks is as individual as the client herself. Some women know their inner voice very well and know what they think and feel in trigger situations, but cannot tackle it alone. Other women are aware of this negative voice, but in trigger moments they are so reactive that they don’t even realize what their subconscious is whispering to them.

How many beliefs and blocks are finally on the list is also extremely different. However, it turns out that limiting beliefs are often linked!

After 12 weeks to CALM-CONTROL & CLARITY

In the coming weeks we will work through the “issue list” step by step. I do this with Creatrix® Transformology®, a method of personal development that gives the client the opportunity not only to erase the old limiting beliefs, but to replace them directly with new ideas and solutions from their own inner knowledge. We work through 2-3 problems each week. Interestingly – and this fits very well with the structure of the female brain – individual problems – not yet taken care of with a session -are suddenly irrelevant in the client’s assessment. The client is no longer triggered by these statements or problems.

My client becomes calmer and more relaxed after session #3. But, the transition to this new, relaxed present was not easy for her. Again and again her body reacts with sensations such as shortness of breath or a “constricted” chest.

Stay in the NOW! Do not look back into your past…

The client receives homework between the individual sessions. The goal: to draw attention to the good, the successful, the beautiful. Again and again she reminds herself to stay in the present, to observe what is good for her and what is not, to communicate calmly and clearly what she needs in these situations.

H. is getting better and better at getting involved in her new, more relaxed everyday life. Her perspective on the not so positive events of her childhood and adolescence shifts. Suddenly she has a new perspective on her actions and rearranges her insights and feelings!

Relaxed into success

In our penultimate session, she tells me how her week went. As a Progress Manager, I have a moment of shock when I hear the phrase: “I couldn’t do anything else. I couldn’t stand it: I had to call my partner immediately!”

But what she tells me now doesn’t just put a smile on her face: “I almost couldn’t believe it. So many new requests came in. This is SUCCESS ALERT! My business is doing so well that I immediately increased the annual turnover I had planned. I set my goal for 2022 even higher. It’s unbelievable what’s coming in.” H. seems to be particularly proud of this. “I was at a network meeting of an association of women entrepreneurs. I felt so good. It used to be horrible. I always thought: “What am I telling them?” That was completely gone. I made small talk and talked to a lot of people present. A nice evening. Business networking was suddenly fun! I enjoy showing myself and my business. This is so different. Feels so good!

Another woman is sitting in front of me! H. opened up during these three months and worked so hard on herself that her personal development is now directly reflected in her business. Her smile also shows so much openness and confidence that was not yet visible in November.

A complete success for H., her family, relationship and above all for her business!

CALM-CONTROL & CLARITY program – as individual as YOU!

As I already described in the “Issue List”: The program, the recipe for success that we create together in these 8 – 12 weeks is as individual as you are as a woman and entrepreneur. I make that sure that don’t give up at the “last meter” or shy away from your own success!

One thing is the same for all clients: I WILL NOT WORK WITH YOU IF YOU ONLY WANT ME TO HELP YOU and YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING! I’m there for you throughout your growth process!

One thing all my clients have in common:

Responsibility is a shared commitment.

I’m only half the equation when it comes to your growth. You have to be willing to work, do your homework and be ready to completely allow your growth, your change!

Creating real change – together with the Calm, Control & Carity program

As a progress manager, I have a broad range of experience, which, in addition to research work in science, also includes many years of teaching and the establishment and management of an educational institute. Questions such as family and work can be reconciled in the “rush hour of life”, how both partners can enjoy work and family and still remain husband and wife as equal partners are just as important as you can be successful as a mompreneur and yet 100% yourself.

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