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Facebook group for businesswomen.

Women are still in the minority as entrepreneurs. Even in 2021 it will not be common for women to set up or run a company. This is exactly why networks are important, especially networks that strengthen us as businesswomen.

In this secret Facebook group, it is not about “business only”. Of course it’s about our business! Because as the title of the group says so aptly: “You are your business!”, But it is mainly about the woman behind the business. About the YOU in your business!

Who is the closed Facebook group intended for?

Everything in this Facebook group “runs” bilingually – in German, my mother tongue and English, the language in which all women can most easily exchange ideas around the world….

This Facebook group is for businesswomen who play more than one role … you’re mom, partner, daughter, lover, and too often the girl for everything. In this closed Facebook group, topics such as “Business with ease – the feminine path – progress – challenges – cooperation – female personality development or personality development in a feminine way – and much more that is important to you as a business woman” are dealt with.

Your YOU in the focus of the Facebook group

In this closed Facebook group, I would like to put the YOU behind the business in the foreground. Because you are your business. If you are not doing well, if you have run out of energy or if you are eating your inner voices, then your business will feel it. Women founders and entrepreneurs often end up burned out because their energy reserves are so drained that not only the business is at stake in the end!

Personal development goes hand in hand with business development

In the 16 years of my self-employment I have “seen” a lot. I had employees, had outposts at various locations and also kept seeing what didn’t work for me. I know burnout just as well as overactivity in times of crisis. But after 16 years, I can also cope with it with serenity.

Also because in all these years I have never stopped. After the “bad” burn-out experience, I started to deal with personal development in 2009. With self-help books, seminars, and even multi-day retreats. And yet something was always missing until I discovered “personality development the female way”. A step that has taken me, my business and my life to another level.

I invite you to grow with the members of this Facebook group, beacause “You are your business”

I would like to share all of this with you. Your impulses, experiences and comments are important. So be active. Get involved … share your knowledge, events that happened to you and your experiences. Because knowledge is one thing, to do it (Goethe already knew that), it makes the difference and brings you – and thus your business – forward.

Facebook group with annual program

You are your Businsess
One year for YOU and your business.

For the four quarters that 2022 has, I have selected four sub-areas. Areas that have to do with you and your business. In the first quarter we start with questions about “your body”. Topics such as “exercise”, “nutrition” and “hormones” determine the first quarter. The second quarter is “your bank account” in focus. How do you think about money, how do you speak? Do you know your dream client and do you already have her? Quarter number three should ensure that your batteries are always charged and that you can be “full speed ahead” with your business. And “last but not least” in the fourth quarter, “Your business” will then be the focus.

Whatever gets in your way during the year can of course be discussed in the group at any time. Do not hesitate to share your (business) joys and (business) worries here.

I am looking forward to exchanging ideas with you, seeing our companies and projects grow together and throwing one or two successful biscuits in between!

All of this, of course, in the secure and protected area of ​​the Facebook group, which requires mutual respect, appreciation and support as a basic course of action.

Join in and have the best 2022 ever:-)

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