LUNCHspiration 2 – SUCCESS – What’s that for you? 3 Recommendations for success

SUCCESS – What’s that for you?

Dear Mompreneur, Dear Businesswoman!

Here we are again! 

It is Thursday and we are meeting up here on Facebook Live for some minutes of LUNCHtime Inspiration: LUNCHspiration!

Today, I want to talk about success. 

What does being a successful woman mean to you?

Well, success is very individual. There is no number or price tag you can give to your personal success. 

Success is also connected to your values. What is more important to you, you will rate as a bigger success.

When I was studying Biochemistry in my twenties, I was very insecure. I was a comparison girl, big time, and I only saw what the others did. When I had 60 Points/100 in an exam, I was totally frustrated. I compared myself with all the people who made it up to 80 or 99 Points. A colleague of mine was may more relaxed around the topic of comparison and grading. 

One afternoon, when we where brooding over our books, he said „I am not defined by grades. Those grades do not say anything about me!“ It took a while for me to sink in. But eventually it did!

You can only define success for yourself. Nobody can do that for you. No grade, no award, no Job title, no number on your Bank account. And it does not matter if you earn 6- or 7-figures: even then you may not feel successful!

So: What does success mean for you as a Mompreneur, as a Business Woman?

It could be:

„Living my life and running my Business on my own terms“

or just

„Financial Freedom“

Maybe it is

„Having enough time for my family, spend time with my kids and still run my own business“


„Being able to travel and work at the same time“

Is it

„Organizing my day-week-year the way I want to do this!“ Or

„Being able to run my business from home without wasting time on commute or business travel!“

Whatever it is for you. It is your success. No comparison, no blame, no, this can’t be it. If it feels good to you: it is the right thing!

In my Blogarticle I want to share this „Artwork“ with you. SUCCESS, as a word with seven letters, I connected each Letter with an expression, that is connected to success and Starts with the connected Letter. This is a technique that was invented by Vera F. Birkenbihl, a woman specializing in learning and teaching. So let’s start!

S: Satisfaction

U: unique

C: Capital!

C: completely yours!

E: ease!

S: Stress-free

S: sweet – so enjoy it!

Your expressions could be completely different. For example, instead of unique, it could be unbelievable!

Get creative! What does success mean to you. Just link the letters to an expression that is connected (for you!) to the word success!

Whatever it is: How you define your success is a very individual thing!

Just now – as my sons are 20 and 15 – I consider myself a successful parent. As my older son moved out for University, he came back very proudly, telling me he would be the only one in his shared apartment, that would be able to cook and build up his furniture. 

What a success! In that Moment this little feedback was more important to me, than being able to sell my first company or having published a book or having some awards given to me. 

This felt like real success!!!

So: I was mentioning values before. Obviously: for me success connects business and family. I can not feel true business success, when my family is in trouble. On the contrary: I would not be a good parent, if I did not work!

My success is my balance between those two. 

I love being a business woman, but I also love cooking for my family in the evening.

My definition of success, does include both sides of my: the mother and the business woman!

So: what are my 3 (Success) recommendations for you as a Mompreneur and businesswoman today?

1. Success is knowing yourself

The better you know yourself, the better life will be for you – hence: the more successful you will be and feel! BUT: knowing yourself is not enough!

2. Success is taking responsibility for yourself

You also need to take responsibility for yourself! Grow yourself, set boundaries. Which leads to the most important part of success: 

3. Success is to stay yourself, to be yourself 100%

I will link as a Little Helper you will find the link to the questionnaire underneath this video. Answer the questions. Be honest with yourself. Get to know thyself! 


So take responsibility for you and your success!

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I am looking forward meeting you!

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