Lunchspiration #4 – What do you want – what do you really, really want?

What do you expect of your life…or to be more clear: What do you want?

Welcome back dear Mompreneur, dear Businesswoman!

Welcome to our 4th quick inspiration around lunchtime.

It is the last Thursday in March and today – as a full circle round, I would like to talk about your expectations of life. What is it, you want. What you really, really want?

Looking at my choice of clothing, you may realize: it’s gotten cold again. Winter is back. And after a wonderful week of sun and almost Summer-like temperatures, we are back to gusty winds and even snow. Does the weather know what it wants? Maybe!

Think about how often we talk and think about the weather. The one and only thing, nobody can influence and no one can predict 100% with certainty. Instead of thinking about the weather and guessing if this is normal – to have Snow on the last day of March, better think about the things you can influence.


I did read a social media post the other day, which hit my nerves. It was about a mother, who had to move a meeting because her daughter was going to write an exam the day after. Presumably the poor kid needed help getting ready for the exam. Being a mother, you sometimes end up as a teacher. True! BUT…

Of cause there’ve been many reactions. Somehow all readers have been triggered in their individual way. There where stay-home-Mums that defended the Action mentioned above. There have been working mums who have been saying „This is just stupid“. There where people arguing, that, if the role-model Mum stays home and takes super extra care of her daughter, she would end up with a perfect Highschool Diploma, but maybe then stick to the tradition of stay home mum, wasting away talent and training to bring up another traditionally imprinted daughter.

„We need to break the cycle“. „This has to stop!“ „Why are women in the 21. century still so stupid!“

I can tell you: Virtual Hell broke loose and everybody got hit in one way or the other!

Triggers and reactions tell a lot about you and others.

Have you been triggered in any way by the „best Mum for this daughter“ story I have been using as an example?

No? Great! You are exactly where you want to be.

YES? Hmm? What did it annoy you? What did you feel hearing the story. Did you compare yourself to either the mother in the story or the Writer of the social-media-post or one of the so many comments readers made?

I personally wish for a society where people would just accept what other people do (I have to say this is within certain boundaries… I would not accept cold-blooded murder or any other cruel behavior). Why do I wish for that?

Well: In this society, when nobody gets triggered by stories like these, people must be at a stage of development where they are satisfied with what they have and happy with their life. Then no comparison is needed, then no trigger would work.

Back to my question: What is it YOU really want!

Have you ever written down how your ideal work day should look like. Realize that you can mix work and pleasure or business with leisure. Did you know that there is even a hashtag for it? It’s called #bleisure! So what would a day look like. Would you just stay home with your kids or would you work (with or without kids)? Whatever it is: IT IS UP TO YOU!

Take your life in YOUR hands! It is your responsibility!

So please take action. Ask yourself the question over and over again: What is it you really want? 

If you need help figuring out your values, goals and dreams and following that process organize your day and set your priorities straight, then just contact me via email or give me a quick call. I am happy to help and support you as your individual progress manager!

Do you know what you want is a big question. If you do not know, you will get distracted easily and instead of walking your way, living your life, you may end up working and living somebody elses dream….

Hands-on: Getting where I want to be

A quick and efficient decision-making-tool that works well as a guideline for your individual path. If stay home mum or million-dollar-mompreneur: I don’t care. It has to be right for your true you! And it will be as unique as you are!

As a consequence, you may need to define boundaries. Think back to our last weeks inspiration about time: There are only 60 minutes an hour and only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may not be able to do all things that are either asked of you or that are offered to you. 

The better your know yourself and your principals, goals and values, the easier you will reach your goals protecting you boundaries.

So hands-on!

You get this great offer to be a mentor for another business woman. You are asked by a close friend. But the timing is off. You just started a new program for your customers that needs preparation and maintenance time on the way.

So, there are 5 questions you can ask yourself, making that decision, whether or not you should participate in the mentoring program.

1.) Does it fit professionally?

If YES, go for it… it NO, do not give it a second thought

2.) Does it bring you some (needed) money?

If YES, go for it… it NO, do not give it a second thought

In our example: no, just doing your friend and the mentee a favor

3.) Do you work together with great partners? Maybe in the long run it would be an advantage to be a Mentor now….

If you don’t like the people: do not give it a second thought

4.) Investment? Is it something you may need on the way, is there something in for you, you might learn? Or (See 3) connections made, that will come in handy later?

If YES, go for it… it NO, do not give it a second thought

And finally 

5.) Emergency

Is it an emergency and somebody is in dire need of you and your capabilities?

If YES, go for it… it NO, do not give it a second thought

What’s right, what’s wrong? Time to make a decision!

I never said it was easy… but you will be at ease at one point!

Making decisions and keeping your boundaries on the way to your goal and your very individual success is not easy. The hands-on „5 questions move“ can help you to accelerate the process, to get you less attached to the project and the claimant. With that strategy at hand, your inner negative and critical voice may not even come up with „What will she think, if I don’t ….“

I never said it was easy… but you will be at ease at one point!

I can promise you: once you have figured out, where your priority lies, what you really want in life, even with small kids, a career, partner and household to run, you can find time for yourself and time to reach your goal and life the life you want. You really really want! I was talking about inner critics, about attacks from other people, being insulted because of what you do and carrying a guilty conscience because of your dreams.

Rewatch my facebook live. 15 minutes of inspiration about: WHAT IS IT YOU WANT and how to make good decisions…

Take responsibility! You are you and nobody else does! 

Take responsibility! You are you and nobody else does! So make sure you really live your life. Calm down those inner and outer voices together with me. In our Calm-Control and Clarity Programm, we will figure out what triggers you, what you really love doing, and how to get there.

Interested: Then just send me an email or book an appointment. I will MAKE TIME for you!

Terminbuchung für individuelles Progress Consulting

This was our last meeting in March. I will be back with more spontanious Inspirations for women. Just check in on my Facebook page as well as on LinkedIn, where you will find my Profile. I am happy to connect.

Coming up in April, there will be the German version of this format. Every Wednesday in April, 12:30pm as well as an free online-Workshop about the Rush hour of life and how to get through it smoothly. One part of ease is to know what you really, really want.

Like in the last weeks, you will find a questionnaire linked for download.

Have a great start into April, spring and I will be back for you!

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