Lunchspiration #3 – TIME – Never have time or take some? My 5 tips to get more out of your day


TIME – Never have some or take it?

My 5 tips to get more out of your time…

Dear Mompreneur, Dear Businesswoman!

Here we are again! 

It is Thursday and we are meeting up here on Facebook Live for some minutes of LUNCHtime Inspiration: LUNCHspiration!

Today, I want to talk about time.

Time: is it real?

There are situations, where you might think, that time is not real. You work, completely in flow and you get things done in minutes, that would usually take hours for you. Or the other way round. You procrastinate with great success and waste days away not doing anything. Still an hour is an hour, made up of 60 minutes and 60×60 seconds. Your week has 7 days and here you find 24 hours each….

Every day you get a gift of 86400 new seconds.

Every morning when you Wake up, you’ve got a gift of 86400 new seconds. They are there for you. What you do with them, what you make out of them, is up to you!

1/3 you will need for reloading your batteries. If you neglect that third of time-consumption. You will not get a lot of days in general. So make sure you sleep enough and get enough resting time, so your inner energy is always there as your creative source, your flow of ideas and your body is fit enough to bring your trough the day.

1/3 of your time is donated to reload your inner energy.

How you spend the other 2/3 of your time is all up to you!

Time-Rule: it Takes as long as you have time for it…

Some voices say, that women get more done in less time. At home, at work, in their business… I think this is absolutely true. Maybe because they have so many roles to play and therefore less time per task, they get more done… as each task can only take a Certain time in between all the other tasks to take care of… especially in the Rush hour of life, when career, kids and relationship are somehow demanding it’s most from you.

But being serious on this topic again: Tasks take as long as there is time for it.

Rewatch the Video about TIME and learn about the 5 Tips to use your day effeciently

Facebook Live

5 Time Tips for Work and Pleasure


Time Tip # 1: Always set a deadline

As an Entrepreneur and businesswoman there is always something to do. A new project, the blog article, social media posts, or the book chapter, that is to be written. You can work infinitely on those projects, or you can set yourself a limit. A deadline for you that gives yourself some pressure to finish up and saves you so much time!

PROGRESS BEATS PERFECTION is the theme here. Things do not have to be perfect. The first draft is a first draft….And most of the time, not bad at all… so take what you get out of the worktime you have until your internal deadline comes up. In most cases the Text will just be perfect enough!

Time Tip #2: your power hour

A variation of the Deadline is the power hour. Take a task. Set aside 1 hour, start your Timer, start your work. It is impressive how much you get done in this one hour – without distraction!

So switch off your phone, don’t do internet, do not talk to the guy in the coffeeroom… you prepare everything Upfront and than it is FOCUS TIME! One hour for one task.

Time Tip #3: If you are interested ins something: YOU WILL FIND TIME!

Did you ever notice, that if you are interested in something you DO FIND TIME to learn more. If you are interested in traveling to Ireland, you will spend time Figuring out how to get there and which Cities you want to visit. Right?

The same is true for your business! Did you realize, that if you got the idea for a new service or product, that you will find the time next to your business Routine to start this new thing?

Time Tip # 4: sometimes somebody else can do the job.

Delegate: if possible. Not always possible. If you need to prepare a keynote, you may better do that yourself. If you need to file Bills….Well: somebody else can do this just as well.

Time Tip #5: are you on social media or do you need a nap?

This is my last tip for you. I guess, it works best in the setting of your home-office. But even in an office, you may take a power nap.

So did you ever notice, that instead of reloading your Batteries, either going out for a brisk walk or taking a quick nap, you lose yourself in the realms of your social media accounts. You scroll and like you comment and consume. Instead of getting badly needed energy, you fall down the rabbit whole of distraction. And after 45 minutes you wonder, where „all the time“ has gone and why your project is still not finished.

I know: social media is a part of business. So treat it like one. Set times aside (max 30 min a day) to comment, post, and publish. If you are tired: do not go on social media. It is an energy drain and you will spend way more time on it than you want…

Be aware: Where does your time go?

Studies show, that on average humans watch 3 hours of TV every day. I know a lot of people who don’t. So imagine how much time daily you can donate to entertainment like TV, that is just like Junk Food for your Brain. So: are you into Netflix or Amazone Prime, Binge watching all-new series that come on? 

That’s ok for a while, but if you hang in front of a TV or social media every night for hours, you may consider digging a bit deeper and understanding, why you are wasting time…

Maybe you just did not find the thing, that is yours, that fulfills you!

Time flys…

So we are back where we started: 2/3 of your time is all up to you to spend!

I can promise you: even with small kids, a career and household to run, you can find time for yourself. Time you can use to find your purpose, time to use to get inspired, and time to grow yourself!

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See you next week for another Inspiration!

Our Topic next Thursday: What is it you Expecting from Life!

And as always: The questionnaire about our topic TIME will be linked HERE!

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