Resolving self-doubt in Business Woman


Business woman with doubts

My client is an experienced business woman. She works just as successfully as a coach as she Takes on a freelance work for industry. There she implements marketing concepts for large companies. She is working very successfully for a number of years. Actually: so successful that she can hardly keep up with the flood of customers and orders.

A business woman should be happy about that! But my client seems completely overwhelmed by the situation. In addition to some inner convictions she carries around with her, one belief comes up in the conversation that she repeats several times.

In the course of her transformation, we are working on this belief.

Doubt: “I don’t want to have this big responsibility …”

My client is sharing her current situation. How she feels, how afraid she is of neglecting her customers. She feels trapped and is afraid that she will no longer do justice to her customers.

In conversation she mentioned a few times: “I’m screwing this up. It’s all too much! I can not do this!”. She does not seem to have the energy running the project for the large industrial company, and bear the responsibility towards her own clients. The fear of undertaking too much and of not creating or completing anything properly. „I will f*** this up!“, is her sad summary.

Doubt one’s own competence

My client has doubts about her competence, she doubts her managing and organizing skills. She needs help for the project in the form other freelancers, but is unable to reach out … Her energy reserves are completely gone. The belief in herself is even less!

“I don’t want to have this big responsibility …” is a belief that she repeats several times and this belief is one of the issues that we resolve in the course of the 90-minute session.

Resolve self-doubt. Suddenly the focus is different….

Together with my client, we determine her reaction to a trigger situation before and after a Creatrix® session. In the left column is her feedback to a business situation that she has experienced or that is very likely to be experienced in her current situation.

The client responds quickly in both runs „without thinking“ much. The left coloum shows her reaction to the trigger event. Her automatic reaction is characterized by her fear of “hitting the wall” with the project. She very clearly describes how afraid she is and Voices her self-doubt, her tactics of delaying and the physical reactions that she can clearly feel in her body at this moment.

After our session (right column) her reaction to the same trigger event is completely reversed. My client is happy about the project, the opportunity to convince the industrial customer and to win even more customers with this experience and the positive results.

If you compare certain statements before and after the Creatrix® Process, you may have the feeling you talked to a different woman. It is impressive how the automated response to the very same trigger event is completey changed.

If the client evaluates her Response to the trigger event, the value before Creatrix® is 10 (very bad, costs me a lot!). And after the session a 0! The problem, in this case the limiting belief, has been erased.

TRanformation of a doubtful businessWoman

Resolve self-doubts – Curious?

Do you feel the same as a business woman? Even if you are an experienced and successful businesswomen, you might be afraid of screwing up the job and then loosing future customers?

Are you afraid of running out of ideas? Do you have doubts, limiting beliefs or an events that triggers those fears again and again?

Then talk to me. I will identify your inner blocks and you can run your business again with ease!

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