Shitty Draft – Just get started!!!

I have been writing about the magic that is inherent in the beginning. But you have to start first! It is precisely this “beginning” that seems to be a problem.

When starting becomes a problem! The shitty draft helps!

Unfortunately, too often we let ourselves be eaten up by self-doubts. Instead of trying and testing ourselves, we persist in not doing anything. “That’s not good enough!”, “I can’t write!”, “There are already 10,000 self-help books!”, “Someone has probably already written such a blog article!”. ….And you will find one more reason, one more argument to NOT start …. ”

Hours pass by doing literally nothing!

In the end the paper remains empty and the keyboard of the new laptop has not even been touched. The document hasn’t even been given a name …

If you just start typing without thinking, you will be the more successful author in the end. Because his work is at least complete!

Shitty Draft = zero entitlement

Why just start to write? The Shitty Draft is a wonderful technique. You just start writing. If I want to write a book, then I write a page, a paragraph, the introduction … how long and how much I write doesn’t matter at all: THE MAIN THING: WRITING!

Certainly, a basic outline can be helpful as a first step. Quite often it is precisely this structure that keeps the doubters from putting anything on paper. Just start typing is the better solution in this situation.

The “shitty draft” has no claim to fulfill. It’s all about writing something. To get started!!!

Shitty Draft: In retrospect, not so shitty at all!

Try this technique. Write without fear, without correction, just start writing. Do not usethe text in a while and then read it again with fresh eyes and an alert head.

The insight: In retrospect, the texts fabricated this way are already quite good and usually good enough. With a few small corrections the material can be used as a master’s thesis, seminar paper, blog article or book chapter.

Is that a motivation for you? Start writing! Your cookies 4 success

About the author:

Your “Success cookie” is Dr. Henn-Sax. As a Progress Consultant, she works primarily with women who want to bring success into their lives and who want to be 100% “themselves”. The recipes for success are as individual as the clients. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a mompreneur, a scientist, a student, a permanent employee or a manager: With a structured, individually tailored approach

Dr. Henn-Sax, gives impulses in the form of blog articles and podcasts. Workshops in small groups and 1: 1 progress consulting will also help you to achieve your individual success. Dr. Henn-Sax is a certified Creatrix® Transformologist®.

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