Start something new – and stick with it!

There is a magic in every beginning. (Herrmann Hesse) And it appears to be true: You got a new idea and suddenly you are bursting with energy! Nobody can stop you now … “Oh, at eight I wanted to watch something on Prime”. And all of a sudden: The magical moment is over!

I admit: my presentation is a bit exaggerated. But there is a spark of truth in it. If this would not the case, we would all be professors, famous authors, well-read experts and successful doers. But we are not. Definitely not all of them!

How often do you find yourself procrastinating instead of doing, hanging out and consuming instead of being creative?

Hot to put something new into your everyday life?

Quite simply: everyday life catches up with us, everyday life makes us tired consumers instead of awake doers.

This does not need to be this way! And that’s exactly what successful people prove:
If something is important to me, I find time for it!

The best analogy is found in love. Where previously there was not a second left in the oh-so-stressed daily routine, there is now suddenly time for a shared coffee during the lunch break, a joint movie night or a short weekend trip. This can be observed again and again with enthusiasm: Somehow the daily routine can be changed very quickly. The new relationship, the great love, is strong enough to change everyday life.

What’s new: all you need is 20 minutes!

New ideas and big plans may and can do this too! The trick is simple: create 20 minutes in your daily routine to learn, train or apply the NEW. Do something for 20 minutes to make the new idea a reality. AND DO THAT EVERY DAY!

Where these 20 minutes can be found is to be organized individually. Maybe 20 minutes less of the beloved streaming series or 20 minutes earlier in the morning. Just programme your alarm clock! It can be reading a textbook on the way home, or the audio book to listen to while jogging …

Hint: print out a daily schedule and write down your schedule for a week … you will quickly notice that there is still air for the NEW 20 minutes. Often there are many more times that are wasted away. Social media is one of those massive time robbers …

And yes, you can do that with family and children too. When in doubt, when everyone is asleep. Because where there is a will, there are those 20 minutes!

Implement something new: create a ritual

Implementation tip: A ritual can help to make optimal use of this “time for ideas / implementation”. The cup of coffee that is freshly brewed or the great new notebook you will use to write down all your new ideas.

20 minutes doesn’t seem like much. Nonetheless, sticking to it every day brings your projects forward. 20 minutes a day equals 140 minutes a week … a lot will be achieved in three months!

By the way: Depending on your motivation and flexibility, the 20 minutes will soon become more … and than a project really makes progress!

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