Take action today: Just a few minutes! Mini energy booster

take your bike to commute

We rush from one appointment to another. As soon as we get there, we already have our thoughts fixed the next event. The day consists of

• I have to,

• I Should


• Do-do-do!

This starts when your alarm clock rings in the morning (let’s say at 6:00 a.m.) to 10:00 p.m. Than you will just fall asleep, all energy drained from your body. Your batteries hardly reload and the cycle Starts again: Bang! 6 am! Go-Go-Go!

Just a couple of minutes!

Take a few minutes for yourself! This “You-Time” can be anything between 5 and 15 minutes.

How long does it take to brew a cup of coffee and drink it? No! Don’t check messages or answer work emails … just take this break. Until the coffee is finished.

During this time you are supposed to concentrate 100% on the hot cup and the smell of the coffee. You may observe the people around you, perceive natures beauty … and follow the course of your thoughts like you would be a third person.

I promise you, after these few minutes, you will be calm and relaxed.

Would you enjoy being calm and relaxed more often? Would you like to be not stressed-out, overwhelmed and tired from your day!

A few minutes – use your commute!

Relaxation can also be used during your work-commute. The car is less suitable because it takes too much interaction to get through the dense traffic without causing an accident. The combination of relaxation and “I have to cover the distance anyway” works much better using a bike or on foot. It is important that you have a few minutes to enjoy the journey.

Example: You have to pick up your child from daycare. Allow a few extra minutes. Then you can walk/bike comfortably and without stress. If you like, you may choose a different route or simply stop on the route, spend a few minutes on a park bench and then – well rested and without stress, pick up your kid.

If you have to do things by car: Then park as far away as possible from your destination, for example the day care center. This gives you a few extra minutes to take a deep breath, smile, enjoy the flowers, birds, etc. and pick up your child in a relaxed manner. On the way back to the car, you can tell your daughter or son about your observations. The flower is probably still where you saw it a few minutes ago:-) …. show it to your child. Observe how you feel and how your child reacts to you when you are so relaxed.

Take time to enjoy nature…

A few minutes – minutes that will make all the difference

For the „controllers“ of life … it’s only short units of time. 5 minutes here, 15 there. Much time is never needed. However, these minutes should be times that are consciously perceived. Times to “come down”, times to recharge batteries, times to be in the moment! These few extra minutes will make a significant difference!

A few minutes – implement right away

You are taking a few minutes to yourself while reading this blog! That’s good! Time you take for yourself is well invested. This time acts like an energy boost in our „crazy everyday lives“.

Implement the ideas from above in your everyday life right away. Look forward to the parking lot, which is far away from the daycare center, make the most of the commute and enjoy these minutes for yourself!

Do you want to change your daily routine? Do you miss energy and joy in your day? Talk to me…we will find out what is blocking you!


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