Dear Mompreneur: Is your Life more trouble than fun?

Dear Mompreneur,

You look at your numbers….you are afraid of another customer canceling? Panic creeps up your spine and you do not know how to arrange family  and  business? Is anxiety running your actions? Do you always fear that everybody around you is secretly thinking you are a fraud? That you are not a good mother, nor a proper business woman?

Dear Mompreneur: Is your Life more trouble than fun?

Running a business is never easy, nor is running a family! Especially in times like these: planning ahead is Almost not possible; customers do hesitate to buy or invest. Family life is dominated by Homeschooling and Home office….

But is this really the reason why you are struggling?

Or are you sabotaging yourself with all those questions that are not helpful at all!

I was

  • telling myself that I would not have enough clients
  • constantly second-guessing myself and my actions
  • doubting that I could be a good mother and successful businesswoman at the same time
  • avoiding making decisions
  • struggling to be creative
  • avoiding networking
  • wondering who would want to work with me?
  • resisting to call my customers back, afraid that they would not be happy with my offer!
  • feeling incapable, like an imposter
  • on edge, waiting for ‘bad’ things to happen
  • scared to show myself “out there”
  • convinced that I would not be good enough, prepared enough, experienced enough…

Does this feel familiar? Is there this big, loud and negative inner voice inside of you?

Do you hear this nagging negative voice inside of you?

Then join me for 1/2 an hour of “LUNCHspiration“.

A weekly meetup starting Thursdays March 10th; 12:30 pm.

Join ONLINE via Facebook. Just go to the Erfolgskeks-Account!

Our LUNCHspiration agenda for Mompreneurs:


March 10th: MOMPRENEUR: Who are you or what’s your trouble?

March 17th: How do you measure SUCCESS?

March 24th: TIME – never have some or take some?

March 31th: What do you expect of your LIFE? Or do I ask too much?

I’ll show you WHY you’re holding yourself back. What I did to resolve this, and HOW you can too!

Join me for 30 Minutes of LUNCHspiration!

Join me and you will learn how I could turn my life and my business around in a few months. Overcoming the DAUBT that was holding me back, allowing me to look at my business and family from a fresh perspective, and GET MOVING towards a new VISION!

You can be both! The loving mother and the successful Business woman!

Im looking forward meeting you! LUNCHspiration:

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