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Your life is unique! Defeat, everyday stress, professional or private challenges are those moments that bring us doubt and make us hesitate. We stop and stay where we are, stick with what we’ve got. But you can actively shape your life! Find your recipe for success and create apositive and successful life.

Implement your sucess recipe - Make success a Habit!

Avareness and Learning marks the beginning of change. Implementing what you have just learned in everyday life is usually not that easy. The Erfolgkskeks Progress Consulting accompanies you through your personal transformation.

Every step a success!

It is never too late. Every day is a new beginning. Every day is the right day to go towards individual success. Get started today! Make success your new habit!

Who are you?

We will find your individual recipe for success that fits you perfectly!


“Beginners” have big dreams and their life ahead of them. Don’t wait any longer!

If you want to be successful, take this project into your own hands and together with inspiring and experienced guidance you will make success your everyday experience.


Implementing the recipe for success in everyday life.

Doers” have come a long way.

They know, they are Kind of sucessful, but there is more to it. You want to become even more successful through a methodical approach that practically „automats“ your success.

Success is “programmable”!

If you have the conditions, you get the result.


Arriving in your own life: Be successful and happy in the life you have always dreamed about!

This is how I help you into your sucessful future:


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Success is never a destination - it's a journey!

Be yourself!

Why nobody can copy you and your business! Fear is not a solution! But there she is! This creepy fear that someone could


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    Maria BusinessOwner

    Maria N. (Business Owner)

    Working with Martina has been both a deep, fast and enjoyable journey of inner wisdom for me. She has helped me with my deepest issues and I feel grateful and so relieved and calm afterwards. I now feel more secure and these issues don’t affect me as before so I can move forward in my business and have less unconscious stress since feelings are now accepted by me on a conscious level.

    Despite the gravity of the issues in my whole life Creatrix is a safe, long-lasting and non-traumatic way of working for empathetic woman.  

    Martina is a very positive, secure, calm and a easy personality to work with and she is good at working on a deeper level and therefore get’s better and faster results. I recommend Martina to other women who want profound and long-lasting positive transformations in their lives. 

    Lucie M. (Freelance teacher)

    Working with Dr. Henn-Sax is facilitated by her open communication style, flexibility and great anticipation skills. She is a very dynamic and organized person, and she projects a clear vision for her clients.
    Overall, it has been a very positive experience to work with Dr. Martina Henn-Sax. I would like to thank her for the opportunity to work together.

    Andrea K. (Manager)

    My time with Martina Henn-Sax was extremly positive. I can only fully recommend working with her. Her competence and strong will to help me finding my path to success is so tremendous. Thank you so much!


    I am sure you’d know that!

    Your life feels like running in a hamster wheel! You are eaten up by the demands of everyday life. Your are so busy, that busy keeps you from real action! … is this your life?

    You deserve better!

    How does your ideal life look like? How dows your everyday life feel like? What do you want to spend your lifetime with?


    Be the woman you want to be!
    Find your receipe for individual success!

    Treating people as they are makes them worse. But those who treat people as they could be, make them better.

    – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Dr. Martina Henn-Sax is a Progress Consultant & certified Creatrix® Transformologist® with experience, persuasiveness and the necessary pinch of humor.

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