LUNCHspiration 1 – Mompreneur – WHO ARE YOU?

Dear Mompreneur, Dear Businesswoman,

Life keeps you busy. You are in high demand: at home and in your business!

Mompreneur: Who are you?

You play many roles. Everyday, all day. You start as a Partner, mother and caretaker in the morning, at breakfast; you are a cook and coach at the same time, before you become a Driver. Transferring you to your businesswoman identity happens somewhere in between a good-bye kiss at school and the opening of your office door.

And wait: there is more. If you are a Solopreneur, you do everything – YES, everything on your own. You are responsible for accounting, marketing, sales and customer complaints; you are your business.

You are your business – Sometimes this will end in overwhelm and exhaustion!

You are your Business – > In good way, but also in a dangerous way.

And there it comes:

Mompreneur – What`s your trouble?

Those different roles you play are sometimes overwhelming you! Aren`t they?

It is all about you. BUT there is never enough time. You may not know what to do first or what to do at all. Maybe you neglect yourself, because there is always some urgent business to Attent. Either at home or in your business. The adrenalin rush is normal. You are always on! 180%! You are only there for half. Not really being present, as you think about your kids at work and taking business problems home to your family. 

You feel neglected. Nobody hears your pleadings. Nobody is helping you. 

Well: If it has to be, it is up to me! So you keep up with the pressure and work-work-work. 

Underneath all the business, you feel like an imposter! What kind of company are you running anyway? Is this worth all the effort? You feel like an imposter. Home office? Are you kidding me? Nobody will take you seriously!

You are just not good enough! Not good enough to be a successful business woman and „no way“ you are a good mum!

Stress and overwhelm floods your system. Some days, you just could cry – not seeing all the progress made on all fronts.

Mompreneur runs all day! Manages her business as well as her family. The hamster wheel is turing! Good news: You can stop it!

Mompreneur – How do you feel?

So, how do you feel? 

What are those tiny voices inside of you telling you?

What is going on for you in that situation?

IN SHORT: What is stopping YOU?

What is stopping you from being a loving mom, a relaxed partner, and a successful business woman at the same time?

Mompreneur – a client of mine….

My client is a Mompreneur. She is 35 and a mother of three. She runs a side hussle next to running her family to earn some money for a once-a-year-family-vacation. She hardly considers this a real business.

29 days a month she does her job, her anger silently building up inside, as she does so much for her family without doing what she actually would love to do.

She feels trapped in her role as a „stay home Mum“. She thinks she is missing out on her career, her life. She envies her husband, who can go to work every day, coming home late in the evening – leaving her alone with the kids. He gets all the prais. He earns “all” the money. She feels so small. So “nothing”.

This is not fair! One day a month – each month, she explodes! She is overwhelmed by everything. She yells at the kids; she is mad at her husband. She is so angry and frustrated that her words hurt everybody around her. She burns so many bridges….Her kids and her husband tiptoe around her, being careful not to annoy Mummy. But still: At a certain point this annoys her even more! And there she goes again: Yelling, accusing, and running away for one day, searching for freedom, being herself. No responsibilities for one day! 

Women's Business problems are never business
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But when she returns home, the relationship is shattered, the kids are scared, and she feels so much guilt. When she tells me her story during our session, she is in tears. There is so much pain! So many unused chances, so much missed communication, because – when she speaks up, it is anger, resentment and frustration speaking.

Mompreneur: Accept that you are important!

YOU ARE MOST IMPORTANT! To your familiy – to your business and TO YOURSELF!!!

Dear Mompreneur: YOU ARE IMPORTANT!

You are the most important person in your family. For your partner, for your kids. You are the center of your family. 

You are also the most important person in your business. You are the CEO; your Homeoffice is your Headquarters. Take it seriously! A business – however small is a business!

AND! Most important: You are the most important person to yourself! Take care of yourself. This is not selfish. This is self-care. And this self-care will keep you going much longer than neglect and followup burn-out.

So dear Mompreneur! How do you get a playful and relaxed life?

Take care of yourself and your personal growth. Enclosed you will find a questionnaire with some input to ponder on. Please take a few minutes for yourself and find a nice an quiet place. Fill in the answers. Get clear about yourself and the roles you are playing.

LUNCHspiration for Mompreneurs: FREE Questionnaire to download!

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