„Maybe You Should Talk to Someone“ -Book recommendation 2022

The book was published a while back. In 2019 to be preceice. 

And I confess: I’m listening to the audio version of “Maybe you should talk to someone” for the second time.

I probably listened to it for the first time in late 2019. But sometimes you hear, sometimes you listen … 

Even then I thought this book was very good. It’s funny, makes you laugh and at the same time makes clear what hurdles, challenges or shackles we have to struggle with on a daily basis. The book is a mixture of comedy, tragedy and textbook, a mixture of learning, amusement and unsparing self-awareness. Whether from the observing reader or from the painful “caught”.

The second time I do listen even more closely. I also recognize my clients in the words of the author, but also myself. Because that’s how we humans are. From time to time we need the mirror from the outside.

A Word of Caution: This book you are not able to „consume“ only. „Maybe You Should Talk to Someone“ written by Lori Gottlieb is certainly a book that will transform readers as they activly read it.

The Story of “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone”

Lori Gottlieb, a therapist by trade and actually quite “stuck” about her life, can hardly handle the breakup of her relationship with „Boy-friend“. She is looking for a therapist. Wendell is recommended by her colleague and if she had chosen the somewhat quirky therapist herself, she certainly would not have chosen him! Wendell analyzes his new client all the better and skillfully. For Gottlieb it will be an interplay of being a therapist and becoming a client who doesn’t want to work on himself. In herself she recognizes the repression mechanisms of her own clients, the fear of change and the realization that all the anger and frustration on the outside cannot change anything on the inside. She finds that all of the questions her well-characterized clients struggle with are the very questions she now turns to Wendell for help.

Transformation ist nicht immer einfach
Transformation is not always easy. BUT, realizing that you are the only one able to change yourself is a big step. Get some support on the way. Let me be your Progress manager.

“Maybe you should talk to someone” a book to learn and recognize

The mix of wisdom and humor makes this novel, this wonderful story that Lori Gottlieb tells us, at the same time a textbook in personal development, human behavior and reflects many things that we have so far avoided so gallantly. What do we want from our life? Questions of love, mortality, guilt or redemption and the hope of change skillfully alternate in this spirited tale set in LA, the city of angels and the city of movie stars and A-, B- and C-celebrities. “Maybe you should talk to someone” is revolutionary in its openness, offering a deeply personal yet universal journey through our hearts and minds.

So, here’s the warning again: “Maybe you should talk to someone” isn’t easy stuff, although it does come with a light-footed style. Big chunks are hidden in 50-minute sessions with the therapist, who privately is just as much a person with worries and hardships, anger and sadness and the need for love.

The essence of the story and, so to speak, the gift that Lori Gottlieb has in store for the readers: It is not always easy to be a human being, with all the challenges that life brings with it. At the same time, “Maybe you should talk to someone” skilfully shows that we have the power to change ourselves and thus our lives.

“Maybe you should talk to someone”: From book to recommended action

Yes, maybe it’s time for you to talk to someone too. About the things that aren’t going well right now, about the things that annoy you, the things that drive you crazy … knowing that you can change – with a little help – and that everything around you will change with you.

You have the potential to initiate this change. As your Progress Manager, I will help you to shape your future quickly, sustainably and you will leave as a “completely new woman”.

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