Working with Sally – how a business woman manages her trigger situation!

Business does not pick up…

Today I had a session with a 40-year-old client and businesswoman. Stopping her action due to unresolved issues makes her business not pick up! To keep her personal Data concealed, I just call her Sally.

Sally is a mother of two young children and businesswomen who did start her coaching business last Spring (March 2020). She even had a client (in her words: „that was by accident“). Business broke down during the Lockdown situation due to Corona. Now she has trouble restarting her business, now that the corona-pandemic is almost over…

Business woman: Corona is not the problem!

„I’m not taking the steps towards building my business. There is still this huge fear stepping out there, being seen and being heard!“. She also talks about the fear of being judged and steps – like building up a Facebook group – that scare her. The pressure of putting in content on a regular basis is as scary as the pressure of creating good, meaningful content for her clients.

Sally feels helpless, wants someone who takes her by the hand and show her how to do the steps needed. „I feel like a Little girl!“ She enplanes.

In our Conversation, it soon is clear, that creating content is not the Problem. It is the step of marketing and getting her Information „out into the world“. Fear and procrastination keep Sally form her self-created success. „I easily give up! If I don’t get a result, I give up! Am I’m not committed enough?“ She asks resignated. After the birth of her two kids, she lost her energy. Everything seems to cost so much energy! She feels „stuck“.

The business problem is not related to the business, but to the businesswoman!

Sally feels very insecure. She is „inside her head“ analyzing every move 10 million times, before she takes action. The „going out there“ seem to scare her. „It is like a wall coming up in front of me!“ She describes her feeling. She has this fear, this terror inside her.

I question her, what her inner voice is telling her in those situations. She reply fast: „What if they don’t like it!“.

Keeping the Conversation going, Sally is talking about her resistance. We choose the Phrases „I’m stuck“ and „It’s so hard!“, as These repeatably are said by her.

Inner Believe „It’s so hard!“ stops Buisness Owner Sally!

In the following Creatrix® Session® we work on These three issues, which are rated by Sally with a 10 (Super Strong) before, and with a Zero after the session.

For „It’s so hard“ I would like you the before-after measurement with the C.A.R.T (Chronic Automatic Response to Trigger).

Therefore, Sally is imagining an event in the future, where she would believe: „It’s so hard“. In her Imagination, she sees herself setting up this Facebook Group, filling it with content for her customers.

Issue It’s so hard!
Question Before After
In that moment, what are you FOCUSED on? How can I be consistant?

How can I put enough useful content in?

Getting it done!
In that moment, what are you CARING about? I don’t want to mess up. I fear it will be hard. I will be a lot of work. I have something to offer my clients. I can give them my knowledge.
In that moment, what are you BELIEVING about yourself? I may not have enough stuff to post. I may not be enough. I may not be able to do this. I have something useful to offer!
In that moment, what are you BELIEVING about the situation? I See that I have the opportunity, but I am not doing anything This is part of what a want to do!
In that moment, what are you THINKING! What if they don’t like it? What if I’m not enough? I just think of the Elements I will put into the Fb-group
In that moment, what are you DOING? Just thinking, not doing! Typing, putting stuff into the group…
Physical Feeling in Body? Heaviness in upper back and neck; Confusion in my Brain Very calm
Intensitiy of Issue (0 = not excisting -> 10 super strong) 10/10 0/10

After the session Sally feels blissful and calm. She is able to work on her business again, without the fear of being Seen…

If we look at her automatic response after the Creatrix® Session, the chronic part is gone! Sally is able to concentrate on her plans again and to go into her marketing campaign promoting her services.

These three limiting believes were resolved in less than two hours!

As a progress consultant I will check in on Sally in the upcoming weeks. I will motivate her to go her way, implement what she was planning. But as a Creatrix® Transformolgist® I do know: SHE WILL „WALK HER TALK“. The resolved issues are gone long term. Those issues will never block Sally again from taking action for her business. This procedure is an fast an easy way to be a successful businesswoman.


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