Erfolgskeks #2 – February 2022 – Success: it takes time!

What is success? What makes you a successful mother or a successful entrepreneur? And if you want to be successful: it must take a lot of time! Doesn’t it!

“Success – It takes time”

This month, I want to share the story of a quiet, successful Entrepreneur, who entered the next level in her development as a woman. 

She is thinking of having a baby being in her mid thirties now. But, restructuring her business alongside the plans of starting a family seems to overwhelm her. 

Questions about how to finance the family (worst case on her own as a Single Mum) and time issues make her worry about her future. She wonders, if it is the right time for a baby, or if she would neglect either the baby or her business, or, worst case: both.

In our consulting sessions we figure out, that she wants to start the family and also wants to have a baby soon, even if the business does not have reached the numbers in clients and Revenue, she wants to have.

Be successful in Business: it takes time!

If you own a business like my client does, this may sound familiar to you. You work hard. Everyday No matter what. You are 100 % committed to being successful. BUT: Inside of you a little nagging voice tells you over and over again:

„It takes time to be successful!“ 

Maybe, you know variations of it like

„Business takes time to be successful!“


„You are new to this. It will take a lot of time until you are successful!“

Exactly those where the thoughts and beliefs my client shared with me during our session.

It takes time….a strong limiting belief

It takes time: sure it does! If you think, that success in your business Venue will take time: it sure does! Whatever you think about something, it will create the result. You will experience what you focus on. Sure, it will take time! 

Besides the belief, that her business would not start up fast enough to start a family soon, she was having trouble believing, that she could have both. Being a mother and an entrepreneur at the same time, was a concept that would not be manageable right now. She stated this with „I can’t have both!“ As well as „I feel guilty“. 

Are you ready for this: it is possible to change your beliefs!

Realizing, that her inner beliefs would block her from taking action and bringing her dream future into her life, she decided to work on those three issues with me. 

During a 70 minute Creatrix-process, we cleared those beliefs.

See below her reactions to „I can’t have both!“ Before and after the session. Before is marked in red; after is written in blue!

Issue: I can’t have both!


I see myself having a baby. I don’t have the time or help to take care of my clients. I am all by myself

FOCUS on: 

My focus is on the baby

I am soothing the baby. I call my Mum for help. Once she arrives, I have enough time for my work.

CARING about:

I am caring for the baby, but is this bug on my mind, feeling bad about not having the space for my clients also…

I am caring about giving my baby the best care! He is my number 1!


I believe I am not able to do it…I can’t do both if I do it by myself.

I am a good mum! I take care of my Baby and my Business. One thing after the other. I can do both!


I’m believing, it sucks that I have to do that by myself. I wish I had some help.

It is unfortunate that my baby is crying right now. But that is how it is. I do my best to make it feel better.


I don’t have any more space in my Brain to Funktion. The baby requires all the time in the world. I just want to give up!

I’m not thinking. I am doing it. I take care of my little one!


I’m freaking out. Literally Freaking out! I’m so exhausted, thinking is this what I really wanted. I lost so much of my freedom.

I am just holding him. Be in the Moment with him. Make funny faces, distract him to make him feel happy again.


chest and throat are like something is strangling me…


INTENSITY of the issue „I can’t have both!“



A different perspective solves the problem!

My client left our session with a totally different perspective on this issue. And not only on this specific issue. As we worked on three different problems she mentioned in our conversation, she had so many beautiful learnings during our meeting. The beauty of those learnings: they do not come from the outside. They are created by the client herself. This is her own inner wisdom! She just had to find it again under the mess and chatter of the outside world.

You definitly can be both! A loving mother and a successful businesswoman!

be both_ Mom and Businesswoman
You can be both! A loving mother and a successful businesswoman! We shape each other and we should be grateful for each other!

Read some of her learnings:

There is not any chatter in her head, regardless of being successful. There is this inner knowing. She just knows!

Trust in yourself, believe that everything is possible 

Life doesn’t happen to everyone. It happens FOR Everyone!

She needs to give herself what she needs and act from her heart. Don’t give your power away! It is about you being in your center, and giving what you can. You can’t give what you don’t have….

Don’t get caught in the mindset …oh, you have a kid… Oh, you are a woman…

You are able to fulfill your dreams and still be a mother!

Get out of your own way and stop thinking what other people think!

It is your responsiblity to act in a different way!

You can have that too! 

It takes time – within 70 minutes to a new perspective!

Are you still blocking yourself? Do you want to get out of your own way? Than book a free consultation with me. In one hour together we will figure out, what is blocking your way to success and how I can help you in your process of being the woman you want to be!

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