Erfolgskeks of the Month….A.J. will find her individual recipe for success

From a management position as a long-time employee into her own coaching business…

Recipes for success for (business-)women

As a Progress Consultant and Creatrix® Transformologist®, I work with female entrepreneurs or leaders who want to play their role(s) in everyday life with ease and joy. My clients, who are often mompreneurs and as such often confronted with the challenge of reconciling family and career.

Instead of running towards burnout on their daily hamster wheel, these women decided to work with Progress Consulting to find their individual recipe for a successful and at the same time relaxed working day, as well as a fulfilling family life.

Definition of success!

What is success? Wikipedia reports the following: “Success is the state or condition of meeting a defined range of expectations. It may be viewed as the opposite of failure.” Success is also referred to as a breakthrough.

Recipe for success: What is a successful woman?

Well, obviously a woman achieving her goals! What your goals are depends entirely on you.

Whatever it is you want to achieve, it is your goal. If you achieve it, you are a successful woman. Whether that’s a 30% increase in sales or the launch of a new product… or just being calm, relaxed and competent at the next meeting!

With Erfolgskeks I support you in achieving your goals faster.

I work with different methods. A classic Progress Consulting and Creatrix® Transformology®. This method of personal development is specially developed for women.

One Erfolgskeks per month – J.A. and her way to her own business

Each month I share a recipe for success that was implemented for a client. I refrain from calling the client by her real name.

In January I showed the example of a client, who is currently completely reorganizing herself and her business. Having left a management position that she had held for the last 18 years (personal responsibility and management of various departments), she is now building up her own coaching business. J.A. wants to start slowly, cautiously finding her way into their new field of activity. She decided to be a solopreneur.

She works out of her home office. Her family likes the change, although the mother’s constant presence is felt to be rather unusual by her two kids….

We get to know each other – J.A. in the home office blues

J.A. seeks contact with Erfolgskeks after 9 months of unsuccessful attempts to establish herself as a coach. We conduct our first conversation via Zoom.

J.A. reports on her current situation. “At first I was glad that I was out of my old company, that I just enjoy being Lazy and not doing anything. But then I quickly realized that it does not feel right to do nothing. I’ve read what feels like 1000 books and at first I thought I knew what I wanted. I thought I know  what the market Needs…. but now I have the feeling that I can’t do anything and I feel like I’m wasting my time. I don’t know where to go and when I open Facebook or LinkedIN there are so many coaches… nobody needs me there.“

Recipe for success: A „makeover“ -> J.A. rearranges herself & her business

In the first meeting we clarified the status quo. Who is J.A. as a person? Where does her business stand? Where does the entrepreneur want to go? What are her dreams, goals, and ideas. What would your dream business look like? Should it grow, should it remain a sole proprietorship…

How does she like her work situation in the home office? Does this work for someone who has been used to working in a busy office with a lot of people for 18 years?

Get out of the life as an employee – What drives J.A.?

We also clarify why J.A. chose to be self-employed. New people in top management at her previous company drastically altered the internal goals and work orders of each employee. Where J.A. used to make her own decisions and had leeway in terms of personnel and finances for her departments, she now suddenly has to justify every step. She feels this situation – especially after her very long and successful period of service – as a degrading paternalism of her previous achievements. Besides this disappointment, many of their long-standing colleagues have left the company. Even in her own department, employees are being laid off. The work situation for J.A. is no longer wearable. She also decides to resign.

Freedom is responsibility

The feeling of freedom is overwhelming at first. The “I showed them!” A triumph. However, J.A. quickly realized that if she were to set up her own company, she would now have to make the specifications herself that she disliked so much in her old company. What should your business look like? Whom does she want to work with? What’s her offer? What’s her focus?

Freedom quickly becomes threatening. For J.A. it becomes clear that she has to take responsibility. For herself, for her business, and for how she wants to shape her future life.

Freedom through clarity!

As mentioned at the beginning, I met J.A. 9 months after her resignation. Her attempts to set up her own business have so far failed. This is not due to financial means or the time available. In our conversations, it quickly becomes clear that J.A. herself is blocking her growth; she is downright afraid of being successful.

I would like to repeat her initial statement again:

“At first I was glad that I was out of my old company, that I just enjoy being Lazy and not doing anything. But then I quickly realized that it does not feel right to do nothing. I’ve read what feels like 1000 books and at first I thought I knew what I wanted. I thought I know  what the market Needs…. but now I have the feeling that I can’t do anything and I feel like I’m wasting my time. I don’t know where to go and when I open Facebook or LinkedIN there are so many coaches… nobody needs me there.“

We talked about why J.A. opted for a coaching business. She really shines when she talks about how she was able to help her former colleagues with great questions as part of their conversations. She talks about her own development towards leadership and the value of coaching for her along the way. She immediately adds that she has no formal training as a coach and is currently undergoing a training program for her certification. Her uncertainty on this point is palpable.

She also reports on the distractions in the home office, being fully aware that it is not the washing machine that is keeping her from making decisions. But her inner critic voices, who persuaded her that one could not receive clients in a home office after all….

“And which clients am I going to work with? I don’t know whom I could help!” She adds that before (as an employee) everything was so clear and now nothing fits together anymore….

J.A. gets to know her customer Avatar

Together with J.A., we use a questionnaire to develop her customer avatar, her ideal customer or desired customer. Now the picture is much clearer. J.A. now knows whom she wants to address with her offer…

Recipe for success: Building her coaching business step by step

J.A. initially opted in for the classic Progress Consulting. We worked together on a 14-day rhythm initially, then we met once a month. In the two hours of 1:1 Progress Consulting, we talk about everything “related to life or business” and develop individual solution strategies.

In the course of consulting, we worked on different Issues. In addition to the customer avatar, topics such as “visibility”, “setting prices”, “program/how the service is offered” appeared, a portfolio of everything that an entrepreneur encounters in the daily routine.

I accompany clients like J.A. for periods of about 6 months to up to 2 years. The consulting is different for each woman, as individual as the needs of the women who come to me. In the end, there will be a very individual recipe for success that enables my client to reconcile business, family and her own needs with ease and joy.

To be able to provide even better support, we decided after 6 months to focus our work on old, deeply ingrained limiting beliefs with the help of Creatrix® Transformology®. J.A. changes to the “CALM-CONTROL-CLARITY” program.

recipe for success

Within 3 months, the business and the client have developed significantly. In the sessions we delete/replace a total of 12 limiting beliefs and inner blockages. The sessions are intense for the client. One of the beliefs was: “I’m not experienced enough!” As mentioned at the beginning, the client struggled with the belief that she needed to have a certificate for coaching. But even after successfully completing her training, she didn’t feel experienced enough…

Attached is the measurement taken during the Creatrix® session. I do test the client’s reaction to a trigger situation before and after our session. How does the client react to the challenges of the situation in the same „setting“.

Scenario as told by the client Client describes an event. She is networking an meets other Coaches. One is asking her about a method/technique she does not know…
Limiting belief „I’m not experienced enough!“
Before Creatrix® Session After Creatrix® Session
Worauf konzentrierst Du dich in diesem Moment? My head is empty. I should know! Why do I not know?  I listen to the person. I ask questions to learn how the method works.
Was ist dir in diesem Moment wichtig? I’m trying to cover up the fact that I have no idea… I’m such a hypocrite, I have no idea! I use a different method than you. What are the advantages of your method? What might not be so good…
Was glaubst Du in diesem Moment über die selbst? I should be better prepared. I should read more, I should do an apprenticeship… I found a good way, I have clients who like working with me…I can help them. They are making significant progress. I get great results with them…
Was glaubst Du in diesem Moment über die Situation? If I were better prepared, this wouldn’t happen to me! Maybe I can learn something that I can use with my customers…
Was denkst Du in diesem Moment? How do I get out of this situation without looking completely stupid. Without showing that I have no experience… This is a great event. It’s nice to talk to interesting people. I feel good.
Was tust Du in diesem Moment? I grudgingly admit that I don’t know the method. On request I will explain how I work with my customers. I feel totally insecure! I enjoy the conversation. I am in the moment, I am 100% myself.
Wie intensiv ist diese Erfahrung für dich (0: ohne Belang; 10 maximal belastend) 10 0

Recipe for success: A.J. grows as a person and her business grows as well!

In the course of our cooperation, not only has A.J. business growth, no, she’s also is growing significantly as a person. After our second Creatrix® session, she reports that her inner voices are so much calmer and that she remains calm and relaxed even in situations she doesn’t like. A true breakthrough on the personal level that will help her business to be significantly more successful. A.J. proudly reports just before Christmas that 2021 exceeded her planned sales volume by 5%!

Every client is a woman who finds her true self!

Success stories like A.J.’s are the best feedback for me as a Progress Consultant. It makes me happy to see how business women develop. How they can be a businesswoman, mother, wife, partner without pretending or just playing a role…

Clients who work with me get a mix of mompreneur and female empowerment coach, progress consultant and Creatrix® Transformologist®. Female empowerment is a matter close to my heart. With experience, persuasiveness and the necessary pinch of humor, I will bring you to your success!

Interested? I would be happy to invite you to a free counseling session. Choose one of the available dates ….

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