Food, Mood, Energy and Business

Does food influence your mood, your energy and your business?

When it comes to food, the first question that pops up in your head might be „What are you eating?“ 

The „what“ may define how healthy and fit you are, the „what“ may show up in your blood work more than you like it, for example in a high cholesterol level or an unusual high blood pressure. It may also show up in a positive way. Your choice of food could be a statement (vegetarian, vegan) or a health issue (gluten/lactose/fructose/histamine-intolerance). Your choice of food could be influenced by your culture, your upbringing and also your knowledge or education when it comes to food or preparing food.

Food: So what are you eating?

Is the stuff you get your energy form considered healthy? Or are you dipping deep into the bag of chips? Are you buying organic food at the Farmers Market or are you browsing for bargains. Are you eating pre-prepared meals or are you cooking yourself?

Choices are to be made. And the impact they have on us, on our energy levels and on how happy and healthy we are, are not seen directly. Often it takes years until the impact of malnutrition shows up.

Food: When are you eating?

Are you starting to eat, when you are procrastinating? As if the calories, the sugar or the salt would help you think….Or at least gives you something to do…cause you have to do something, just not want to take on. Is it a project you are contemplating. A part of work you don’t like doing (Bills or customer calls; the announcement of your workshop, or any other product you want to launch)?

Are you eating when you are nervous, are you eating when you are actually tired or thirsty?

What is it, that makes you eat? Hunger? Frustration? Boredom or loneliness?

What mood are you in, when you eat? Are you happy, just in the Moment or are you sad, stressed, overwhelmed and annoyed?

So please: do yourself a favor and find another way to calm down and look at the things to do, instead of heading to the kitchen or Cafeteria to fill up with food instead of fulfillment.

I am happy helping you find the things, that actually need to be addressed.

How are you eating your food?

Are you eating with family and friends? Are you eating alone? Are you eating in the font of your computer screen at work, in between phone calls or while in a zoom meeting? Not really noticing what you are doing and than discovering all the bread crumbs on your keyboard?

Are you focusing on your food, or is the food just an unpractical way to refuel, because you never have time…

What do you feel, when you eat?

Is there guilt mixing in the pleasure of taste? Is there resentment or anger coming up. Is there the bad conscious about being „too big“, „too fat“, „not female enough“, „not defined enough“, „too much around the middle“, „….“. Are you criticizing your body every time you eat? Or are you connecting certain foods to this behaviour? Are there triggers that are connected to food or events that are connected to food, like family gatherings or lunchtime-meetings at work.

The big connection: Food, Mood, Energy and Business!

All is connected. Your mood is connected to your energy level, as is your food. Realize how you feel 3 – 6 hours after you have had a certain meal. Are you energized? Are you tired and feeling low?

It is not always the food, that gives you the dip in energy levels. Look at your life! Are your satisfied with it?

Is this the life you want to life? If you shout a big YES at me: Wonderful! Great! Congratulations! If you realize, that is not what you wanted, that you are stuck and unhappy, than figure out what it is, that messes up your plan for a great life. If you need help with the digging: I am happy to help uncover limiting beliefs and old emotions, that may hold you back.

So does food influence your mood, your energy, and your business? It seems like! At least the way you think about yourself and the way you consume your food seems to have a big impact on how you feel. The way you feel most likely has a big impact on the way you work – hence on your business.

And yes: everything is connected. If you feel good, your private life and business will do well, if your business and private life does well, you will most likely feel good….

Some good books around the topic of Food

Wonderful books about eating:

The only diet there is. Sondra Ray; Celestial Arts

Here is a book to change your life. It is a method for losing weight through positive thinking and the changing of attitudes toward life and food.

I discovered this book a while back. It is not in print anymore, but you can still Buy it as a used item. It is absolutely worth reading it! 

Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro; Heyne-Verlag

Ernährung für Körper und Seele: Gesund essen mit guten Gedanken 

Some of my cook book recommendations, that make it fun to cook, enjoy your food, and eat healthy at the same time.

Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: Mouth-watering recipes to fuel you for life; Hodder & Stoughton


Somer McCovan: The Abundance Diet: The 28-day Plan to Reinvent Your Health, Lose Weight, and Discover the Power of Plant-Based Foods (English Edition); Vegan Heritage Press, LLC


Deliciously Ella. Quick & Easy: Köstliches auf Pflanzenbasis | Das vegane Kochbuch der Clean-Eating-Ikone

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