Cookie4sucess - Dr. Martina Henn-Sax

Progress Consulting with a background in science, business, education & success coaching

Who will bake your cookie4sucess? Who is your „Erfolgskeks“?

Dr. Martina Henn-Sax brings a broad range of experience in her consultation. She went through a vocational training, did study science, and holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry. She expanded her career in science as a Postdoc in the USA (Harvard University) before she ventured into self-employment. In 15 years, the educational institute „“ developed from offering a single training to a state-specific learning program for a total of 15 high school subjects in five federal states (Germany/Bundesländer). During this expansion, she made the switch from lecturer to manager, gaining experience with students, parents, teachers and her own 40 freelance staff.

Over the years Martina Henn-Sax has worked with people and successfully promoted them and their processes. Whether as a scientist or manager: making people successful was always her goal!

Now, in the middle of her life, she made another cut. She sold her first business in summer 2020. With „Cookies4Success/Erfolgskeks“ she will help women to life their full potential. As Businesswomen, as mothers, as wives or single moms.

Progress consultant, Henn-Sax is working primarily with women struggle with overwhelm and quilt in their private and professional life. Women who want to break the ongoing cycles of exhaustion and being overworked to feel more relaxed and in control, so they can live the life they want, being a loving parent and successful businesswoman.

The structured but individual approach of a scientist combined with the holistic approach through special coaching techniques and her personal experiences as a mother, wife and entrepreneur guaranties individual success. These recipes for success are as individual as every single client. Whether entrepreneur, scientist, student, or manager: The focus is 100% on you. Dr. Henn-Sax is a certified Creatrix® Transformologist® und uses the Creatrix® Method, the only female formulated breakthrough method in the world that releases women from their limiting emotions and beliefs long term.

Dr. Henn-Sax supports her clients with regular impulses. Blog articles or podcasts, (small) group work-shops or 1: 1 progress consulting are individually adapted to fit clients needs.

Professional career (Short CV):

  • Vocational training as a chemical laboratory assistant
  • PhD in biochemistry with a career in science
  • Self-employed since 2005
  • Summer 2020: sale of the educational institute „“
  • Development of the BusinessWomen Empowerement UG together with co-partner Miriam Engel
  • 2021: Progress Consulting, founding and
  • 2019: “Train2Train” with Jens Voigt
  • 2021: certified Creatrix® Transformologist®
  • Model entrepreneur „Vorbild-Unternehermerin“ selected by the German Federal Ministry for Eco-nomic Affairs and Energy