Organize Your Day!


Your day only has 24 hours. Work and family have their demands for the mother and woman in the centre. A week “only” has 7 days. At some point even the most motivated woman is tired, has to sleep and has to have time for herself! And yet: obligations tug on her every minute, every day. The presentation for the new customer, the tax documents, the new software that she has to get used to, the school party, the weekly shopping and chores, the sick mum to look after, the carnival costume for the Little one’s party in kindergarten … the to-do lists are endless! And yet the day only has 24 hours.


What to do?

  • Optimizeyourday!
  • Your daily routine – How does your day look like?
  • Tasks
  • Routines
  • Rules
  • YourPowerhours?
  • Mother’s litte helpers
  • Mindset
  • 1-Day Online-Workshop
  • 9am to 3:30 pm
  • Workbook included
  • 9 participants

Price for a one-day workshop: 175 €/participant EARLY BIRD: 125 €/participant


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