Bake cookies4success – Erfolgskeks … The name, the program, the bakers

cookies4success? Erfolgskeks? what should this be?

The chosen company name often leads to confusion. The idea of ​​what cookies4success or in German Erfolgskeks should be and what services cookies4success offers. Whom I work with, is not directly apparent from the chosen Company’s name.

cookies4success! Erfolgskeks! A Workshop for individual success!

The subtitle gives a little more information: cookies4success or Erfolgskeks is a Workshop for individual success.

Wikipedia describes „Workshop“ as quoted in the following text:

Beginning with the Industrial Revolution era, a workshop may be a room, rooms or building which provides both the area and tools (or machinery) that may be required for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods. A Workshop stands for handicraft.


Nowadays workshops are used to tinker and make individual prototypes.

Why is cookies4success a Workshop?

Everything we do happens individually with and for the client, it is of high quality and individually tailored. Only the individual support of our clients leads to optimal and high-quality results for her.

The cookie4success, on the other hand, is associated with the classic baker’s trade, the art of bakeing. Only those who have a good training and education and “feelling” for the different doughs will be able to produce a particularly delicious cookie(4success), only they will be able to change old recipes and innovatively develop an individual new recipe for success. Only those „Bakers“ who know their techniques and their ingredients and who are involved in practice, will achieve a great result.

All results are worked out exclusively in 1:1 sessions. Completely individual, without time pressure and of course with the best ingredients.

The special recipe for your individual success!

cookies4success need a recipe. Just as every flour in the bakery needs a certain processing and every ingredient has to be weighed exactly in order to achieve the optimal baking result, every client is looked after individually and treated according to her needs.

Different ingredients result in different cookies, individual challenges require adapted, individual solutions. Every batch of cookies4success needs a very individual recipe, because these success cookies are only baked exactly for her: this one client!

What does it take for receipe for success?

First an inventory is made. What is available? What has the client in abundance, what has perhaps been forgotten in the storage room, where has the best-before date been exceeded and what can still be used? Spoiled food should not be in any bakery. In a figurative sense, no obstacles or blockages should stop the client’s action….

This inventory list determined during the conversation is often more extensive than the client is aware of.

It does happen that while rummaging around in the storage rooms of our memory (and the subconscious!) there is still a box that has to be opened for the recipe of success!

A wide variety of techniques are available in our Workshops repertoire. From mindset work to the long-term dissolution of blockages…

Who bakes the cookies4success (Erfolgskeks)?

The success cookies are baked in teams of two. The client and the trained Creatrix® Transformolgist® and success-coach Dr. Martina Henn-Sax work together. The first contact usually takes place via phone or zoom. A short exchange (15-20 minutes) makes clear whether cooperation in the success-bakery is possible.

Creatrix® Transformology is a empowerment techniques – especially developed for long lasting results in women!

This is followed by a detailed discussion (60 – 90 minutes). Blockages, triggers and obstacles are determined here. The inventory list is created. The question of what type of cookie4success should be baked is clarified. Where should the road to success go? At the end of the 90 minutes it is clear: What is there, what is out of date, what needs to be added …?

And then the baking of the cookies4success can start!

How long does the cookies4success bake?

Once the inventory list has been created, the client and her coach were able to determine where ingredients are needed or which of the “too much, too bad, too unsuitable” items have to be removed.

Then it’s pretty quick! If the client and the Tranformologist® work with the Creatrix® method, the progress are immediately visible. After a very short baking time, the change in the cookies is visible. They have become cookies4success. Blockages, negative Self-talk, sabotage or doubts are just as absent in the individual recipe for success as the fear that the original problem could reappear.

How long do the cookies4success last?

Long-term success is documented with Creatrix® Transformology®. The method was developed by Maz Schirmer over 20 years ago and all processes carried out have been documented since 2012. Clients from the „early years“ (2012) also report 9 years later that their basic problem / the problems treated no longer emerged. The cookies4success is kind of permanent and is still good even after (documented) 9 years!

The recipe of success has lost none of its effectiveness.

So, what can you do? How can you join us in our success Workshop?

Of course, you can get upset about the things that don’t work for you. You can get upset about the goals you haven’t achieved and you can blame the bad ingredients, the bad oven….

Or you can ask why you haven’t found your recipe for success yet!

Contact me without obligation. Let’s talk and then together we will consider what your individual recipe for success looks like!


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